From: DS Boyes, higher Rodley Lane, Leeds.

The PROPOSED discount of stakes for mounted odds betting terminals in licensed having a bet stores to simply £2 is a step in the correct direction in opposition t the serious scandalous that playing in each kind represents.

Older individuals will be aware in Leeds pre-1960 there have been no making a bet shops, casinos or enjoyment arcades, as playing changed into now not most effective frowned on then, however illegal. although many positioned bets on horse racing by means of furtive individuals known as ‘runners’. most pubs displayed a sign within the tap room, “writing or passing of betting slips prohibited”.

Even within the late Forties, I consider some slot machines have been seized through Leeds city Police and smashed up with sledgehammers outdoor Leeds town corridor. besides the fact that children no-one needs to move again to that circumstance, thanks to New Labour issues went too a long way the other way.

playing operators, as ordinary, are lobbying the government with claims of misplaced tax revenues and jobs, bleating on concerning the offshore opponents who pay virtually no tax within the UK – an issue readily solved with the aid of any Chancellor if simplest the political will was there.

The supreme irony to me is that national Lottery tickets can only be agen piala dunia purchased with cash, something which must be extended to every type of gambling!

group is empty word

From: Philip Crowther, Bingley.

group is a observe that has seeped into our lives in recent instances, likely more so seeing that David Cameron got here up with the huge Society – code for ‘let’s see if they fall for presenting public capabilities on the low cost’.

in my view the ‘neighborhood’ tag is a sticking plaster term used by means of the executive to steer clear of having to tackle the genuine issues our nation has.

I consider actual ‘neighborhood’ ceased in the Sixties with the onset of mass tv ownership, as well as car ownership.

community is now often noted by means of the media however where are the examples, other than very small hubs of americans in hamlets or villages?

if you walk down any high street these days, you are lucky not to be greatly surprised by people scurrying with a coffee in a single hand, head down watching their cell. ‘Please’’, ‘thanks’ and ‘excuse me’ at the moment are phrases that circulate many people’s lips much less and fewer.

what’s community-spirited about many americans being fearful of walking our streets?

This sticking-plaster term will no longer clear up our issues of inadequate police to maintain legislations and order, health care and public carrier funds.

it may possibly work all the way through jingoistic movements corresponding to Royal weddings, however here is the place it ends.

however, if we are brainwashed often satisfactory to believe we’ve ‘group’, might be all our issues can be solved.

come what may I think no longer.

Brexit course no clean highway

From: Robert Bottamley, Thorn highway, Hedon.

GIVEN the volume of John Cole’s correspondence against Brexit, I believe it changed into inevitable that one of his letters eventually would consist of anything correct.

Mr Cole costs records from YouGov, suggesting that people generally trust the procedure of leaving the ecu ‘now not to be going neatly up to now’.

Two elements. First, given his resolution – and the determination of like-minded anti-democrats – to subvert a valid election outcome, the route to independence from the eu never changed into prone to be completely smooth.

2d, if your correspondent is even a bit smart, the words ‘to this point’ will mood his evident pride.

Robin’s grave just a fantasy

From: Michael J Robinson, Park Lane, Berry brow, Huddersfield.